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Welcome to the GBES School Counselor's Office

GBES School Counselor

Alicia Rogers
540-661-4500 Ext. 2036

Mrs. Rogers


Mrs. Rogers has been at Gordon Barbour for two years. One of the things that she loves most about her job is the opportunity to be creative and think outside of the box, whether it is through mindfulness exercises or the Peas & Quiet Therapy Garden, she is always looking for ways to make her counseling fun and engaging. When Mrs. Rogers is not at school, she can be found on her farm, where she spends much of her free time with her animals. Being in nature and working with her hands is a great way to unwind and recharge. She feels incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve our students while knowing that her work is making a difference in the lives of our children. She is honored to be a part of their journey. 

Mrs. Rogers Adopts a Cow

We have some exciting news to share from our K-5 School Counselor, Ms. Rogers! Mrs. Rogers has recently adopted a calf through the "Adopt a Cow Program," a unique educational program aimed at teaching children about the importance of caring for others and understanding nutrition in a hands-on and engaging way. This exciting endeavor will undoubtedly benefit our students, helping them to grow into more compassionate, responsible, and informed individuals.

Here's a brief overview of what this program entails:

Caring for Others: Through this program, Mrs. Rogers will be sharing this experience with our students through virtual farm tours, photographs of our calf and live video feeds. This offers a valuable lesson in empathy, responsibility, and understanding the needs of others.

Nutrition Education: Students will have the opportunity to learn about the nutritional needs of cows and how it relates to their own dietary habits. This hands-on approach to nutrition education will help them make healthier choices.

Interactive Learning: Mrs. Rogers will be documenting her experiences with our calf and sharing them with our students. This will include videos, photos, and written updates that will be incorporated into classroom discussions and activities.

Future Projects: As this program unfolds, Mrs. Rogers plans to organize various educational projects and activities related to the cow's care, nutrition, and well-being. This promises to be an exciting learning adventure for all.