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Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


Gordon-Barbour Elementary School opens its doors at 9:00 A.M. and supervision begins at that time. Students should not arrive before that time, unless they are part of the Orange County Child Care before-school program.  Walkers and students being driven to school must use the main entrance on West Baker Street. 

All adults wishing to proceed beyond the office, must sign in using the Raptor Visitor Management System.  This system requires a valid ID and will screen against registered offenders. 

When leaving school early, parents must sign their child out in the main office. Sign out lists are inside the main entrance on West Baker Street.  For safety purposes, all other entrances are locked and not available for entry.


Student dismissal for the 2022-2023 school year is at 3:53 p.m.

Parents requesting occasional changes in normal departure routines of their child(ren) (i.e. different bus, walking,  going home with a friend) must send a written permission note.  To ensure the safety of students, all telephone requests must be made by 2:00 P.M.  Unfamiliar adults sent to pick up students will be asked to provide valid identification.  

If you pick up your child(ren) at dismissal, please note the following:

  • Park your vehicle at the school’s entrance on W Baker Street, or in the line as it stretches up and across High St.

  • Do not block the bus loop.

  • Move your vehicle forward as cars drive away.

  • REMAIN in your vehicle. Your child(ren) will be brought to the vehicle. 

  • Use caution when pulling away from the curb as children and staff are walking and other vehicles are in motion.

  • If you chose to exit your car to meet your child at the bottom of the stairs, please park beyond the pickup line and walk to the pickup location.  

  • We will not walk students across the street; if you choose to walk your child across the street, please do so safely and personally escort them to your car. 

Thank you for following the above process. This ensures the safety of our students and staff and allows for the pick-up process to progress in a timely manner.

Traffic Flow: 

The safety of our students, parents and staff members is our top priority. Please follow all parking and traffic regulations. Please have children enter and exit vehicles on the passenger side of the car. Do not leave your vehicle unattended when dropping off or picking up children.  Please access the pickup line by turning from Main St. and onto West Baker St (not High St.).